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Here at Axis Drone Group, LLC, we go above and beyond to take the best photos and video of your property for personal or commercial uses. Need a great establishing video for an upcoming marketing campaign? How about video, photos or even a 3D model of somewhere difficult to reach by other means? Beautiful photos and flyover videos of the house or property you just listed on the market? Call Axis!

Together, owners Kyle McAllister and Phillip Hawkins have years of experience operating unmanned aircraft and editing photos and video footage. We strive to safely perform the flight and get the product edited and back to you in as little as a few days. We have the knowledge and expertise to take your ideas and transform them into a professional selection of stunning images and videos that are sure to "wow" your clients.

Real Estate


A great option for real estate and marketing purposes. We provide you with edited video or images of your listed property, based on the media you need to interest your clients.

Commercial Marketing


Need a commercial for your upcoming marketing campaign? We've got that capability. We can edit footage you provide, combine it with our own footage and create a memorable marketing tool for your business or event.


Need a computerized 3D model of your construction site, commercial building or farm? We provide detailed 3D models at a cheaper cost than the industry standard.